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Announcement on the launch of the API Key binding fixed IP access function


In order to provide a better and safer quantitative trading experience, HUOBI and BINANCE exchange API Key binding fixed IP access function has recently been launched. When binding HUOBI or BINANCE API Key, users can copy the following IP address to add trusted IP access:

HUOBI IP group:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,



1. Protect your API Key, do not disclose your API Key to anyone, so as not to cause loss of assets; 

2. Protect your Royal Q and exchange account and password, do not share your account with The password is leaked to others;

3. Look for the Royal Q official website address Royalqs.com, do not click on unknown links, so as not to cause the account password to be leaked, so as to avoid the loss of assets.

Thank you global users for their understanding and support of the Royal Q platform!
Royal Q operations team
July 22, 2021

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