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Royal Q has adjusted the fixed IP of API, please re-bind as soon as possible


Royal Q has adjusted the fixed IP of API, please re-bind as soon as possible

Dear Royal Q users:

Because Binance will adjust the Singapore service on October 26, Royal Q has adjusted the fixed IP of the API. Please go to the (Binance/Huobi) API binding page to reapply for the API and bind the new IP to the API as soon as possible. Royal Q, the original IP group will expire on October 26.

Change the new IP group process:

1. Open the Royal Q API binding page

2. Click the “Copy” button to copy the IP group

3. Open the API page of Binance/Huobi APP

4. Create a new API, check transaction permissions, paste the copied IP group into the IP address input box, and click save

5. Go back to the Royal Q API binding page, click the “Replace” button, and enter the newly created API

6. Click Binding to prompt that the binding is successful and the replacement of the new IP group is completed.

1. Protect your API Key, please do not disclose your API Key to anyone to avoid loss of assets;
2. Protect your Royal Q and exchange account numbers and passwords. Do not disclose your account numbers and passwords to others;
3. Look for the official website address of Royal Q, Royalqs.com, and do not click on unknown links, so as to avoid the disclosure of account passwords, so as to avoid loss of assets.

Thank you global users for their understanding and support of the Royal Q platform!
Royal Q operations team
September 30, 2021

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